The Q bag design is constructed by sewing polypropylene baffles across the four corners of the FIBC bag. Thus, when the bag is filled, the baffles prevent the sides from bulging out or falling over when being stored or transported, giving the bags a straight shape.

FIBC Baffle Bags

We also manufacture and supply bags with Top and Bottom Spout, with Top & Bottom Flap, Top Cover and Bottom Cover.

Bags with Top-Bottom Spout

In these type of bags, the top panel is made in conical shape so that more material is filled in bags and also the top spout in these bags stops entering of foreign material inside with the material.

Bags with Conical Top

Container liners are manufactured by using laminated PP fabric, providing inlet, outlet along with air vent based on the customer requirement. These container liners also custom made with providing hooks, velcro, attachment etc. to help the filling & discharge activities. They are also made completely contamination free and every liner is vacuum cleaned before packing.

Container Liner

PP woven bags are widely used in packing sugar, seed, rice, flour, animal food, fertilizer, powdered / granular goods, construction materials etc.

FIBC Tunnel Lift Bags

These bags are the standard 4-panel/ U+2 panel bags with 4 corner loops.

FIBC Builder Bags


What we aim for?


To be a true partner and provide them with tailored packaging solutions.

Our People

Be a part of our work family and provide them a platformto be the best.

Our Company

To be the customer’s first choice in bulk packaging solutions worldwide.

Production Strength

We produce 30,000 kgs per day of Polypropylene tapes of various weights and strengths.
We have circular looms from 6 shuttle to 8-shuttle looms where we can produce 30 cms – 210 cms tubular fabric. We produce 150,000 meters of fabrics per day.
We have a lamination plant which can produce from 30 cm to 400 cm and thickness based on customer. We laminate 100,000 meters per day.
We can produce 1.5 cms to 10 cms width. We produce 50,000 meters of webbing/day. Dust Proof cord – 5000 meters per day.
We have a flexo-graphic printing facility where we can printing up-to 3 colors on all four sides of the bag. We can also provide BOPP printing on FIBCs as per customer requirement.
We produce 20,000 meters of liners per day.
We produce 10,000 FIBCs per day. We have stitching pattern like Heracle plus safety, chain stitch, lock stitch.
Testing lab
We have equipments to check the breaking strength of tapes and also ultraviolet testing of tapes.
The other types of tests are
Elongation Testing, UV Testing, Load Test.

Quality Products with Value Preposition

We respect our business by offering best quality products with value preposition. We cater every demand of our customers and treat them as our valued partners. We create long lasting relationship with our customers by fulfilling their packaging related requirements at one place.