Welcome To Paras Polyfab Pvt. Ltd.

Paras Poly Fab began its journey in the FIBC segment with a small, dedicated team of engineers offering reliable services with unmatched technical precision. With perseverance of our founders we started to establish our roots strongly in the market. Our forte in the realm of packaging technology led us to become preferred packaging solutions provider for numerous clients resulting in an expanded role towards research, and ultimately on to the path of progress.

Today, we have integrated our services to become a one-stop solutions shop for our clients for their packaging needs. We supply high quality FIBCs to a gamut of industries ranging from food, beverages, agriculture, all the way to pharmaceutical companies.

We evaluate each request systematically, present customized solutions, and manufacture FIBCs tailored to the needs of our client. Our scalable infrastructure is a testament to our excellence, and operates on the latest technologies the world of packaging has to offer. We also have in-house testing laboratory to ensure that all batches leaving our industrial campus are consistent in quality as they are in value.

We believe in building relationships with our vendors just as much as with our clients. Continuing on this philosophy, we have established a network of committed raw material suppliers to ensure our clients always get the best and consistent products, on time.

The world is changing, and so are we. By harnessing newer technologies and staying committed to innovations that exceed client expectations, we are strongly working towards becoming the global leader in the FIBC segment.

What we do

We produce and sell all types of FIBC e.g. standard 4-loop, 1- and 2-loop, conductive, UN bags, formstable, ventilated and bulk bags with inliner. Every big bag is designed in consultation with the customer in order to meet the individual requirements of handling, size, weight, filling and emptying process, product safety, handling safety and esthetics. Our sales team has a lot of experience and is happy to develope the best solution for your products.

The heart of our company is our sewing plant where big bags are made from fabric, loops, sewing thread and other technical textiles. In this division, we employ over 250 people. The second part of Paras Poly Fab consists of a state-of-the-art fabric production plant with more than 120 employees. We produce most of the technical textiles that are needed for big bags inhouse.